Darcy is the hottest and most honest girl you will ever meet. She is so nice and caring. She doesn’t give into boys easy even if they like her to the moon and back.
Darcy is so hot.
by Max Alcorn July 03, 2020
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Yesterday I went to the zoo and saw some funny Darcys hanging from a tree.
by pennylane91 August 01, 2011
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Darcy is usually a boy or girl name. In my world I only have met boy Darcy and there was one that I turned out to love. Dear Boyfriend,

I love you not just for you but everything you have been your smile makes me smile when I look at you I sometimes don’t think I’m good enough for you, you make me feel like I am but I’m just not your just so handsome. When I look into your eyes and you look back at mine my heart just stops and stares for a while your the most handsome boy ever in my eyes and I hope it stays that way for the rest of our lives because...l love you.
Yes I’ve liked boys before you but I liked them not loved them like I love you you take me at my worst, you take me for me and I love you for that you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
Your a absolutely handsome boy in my eyes and I hope you see me that way too.
Before we liked each other all we were we’re friends very good friends but all along in my heart I knew it was you not for sure but now I do I choose you & I’ll keep choosing you over and over without pause without doubt in a heartbeat I’ll keep choosing you because I love you, when I look at you I smile and that’s all a girl wants is someone like you In there life.
you make my heart smile, I love you:)
He’s a Darcy, one of the most kind, loving,smart, caring human beings I know .
by Teerman🦋 May 11, 2018
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The most nice, handsome , kind, caring smartest guy you will ever meet
Wow look at Darcy I wish he was mine
by Teerman🦋 March 16, 2018
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(dar-see) Noun. A situation where one uses far too much language to adequately describe a situation or task at hand. Not to be confused with TMI. This is not embarrassing or revealing information, just useless.
"Just the facts ma'am. I don't need all the darcy."
by Edward Bil April 26, 2013
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Darcy is such a nice person, deep blue eyes, a beautiful smile and such a good personality.

He doesn’t try to hide his acne or his fatness because he loves to show it because he is a truthful man. He is great to do DJing and weird conversations, but most of all he’s good at comforting you.
He is the most beautiful person anyone will meet
P1: dude darcy is so ugly
Me: shut the fuck up he is gorgeous, if he wants to show his acne and his fatness he’s secure and beautiful, he’s my man
by Snpmusic January 19, 2018
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