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Abbreviation for:

"Died a painful death." (past) 1
"Dying a painful death" (present) 2
"Die a painful death" (Insult) 3

Simple fun sounding word to make light of a bad situation.
Explain a bad situation.
Insult someone and wish them harm.

Sounds like: "Da-pd" (dapt) The final "d" sounds sort of like a "t" mixed with a "d".
Tom: "My brother fell into a trash-compacter last week. He died so horribly..."

Bill: "Wow, he really dapd."

Bill: "What's wrong, Tom?"

Tom: "My life sucks so bad. I'm dapd."

Tom: "You should go dapd, Bill."
by Dadashi Hatake August 25, 2009
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DAPD (Dumb and/or Annoying Personality Disorder), or, "The Stupid" in the colloquial sense, is common among teens and young adults across America. The most effective known cure is maintaining a productive conversation with someone diagnosed with "The Smart"(SPD) for a minimum of six and a half minutes.
Doctor Ho: It's not good news. Your son has DAPD.
Parents: Oh, Gawd! Is it curable?
Doctor Ho: Yes. But be warned: If it gets to stage four, he's fucked. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my crotch.
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by IncrediblyCredible November 14, 2019
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