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Abbreviation for:

"Died a painful death." (past) 1
"Dying a painful death" (present) 2
"Die a painful death" (Insult) 3

Simple fun sounding word to make light of a bad situation.
Explain a bad situation.
Insult someone and wish them harm.

Sounds like: "Da-pd" (dapt) The final "d" sounds sort of like a "t" mixed with a "d".
Tom: "My brother fell into a trash-compacter last week. He died so horribly..."

Bill: "Wow, he really dapd."

Bill: "What's wrong, Tom?"

Tom: "My life sucks so bad. I'm dapd."

Tom: "You should go dapd, Bill."
by Dadashi Hatake August 25, 2009
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True of COVID-19 sufferers and of George Floyd. The key phrase at this moment in American history.
"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
by Monkey's Dad June 01, 2020
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DAPD (Dumb and/or Annoying Personality Disorder), or, "The Stupid" in the colloquial sense, is common among teens and young adults across America. The most effective known cure is maintaining a productive conversation with someone diagnosed with "The Smart"(SPD) for a minimum of six and a half minutes.
Doctor Ho: It's not good news. Your son has DAPD.
Parents: Oh, Gawd! Is it curable?
Doctor Ho: Yes. But be warned: If it gets to stage four, he's fucked. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my crotch.
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by IncrediblyCredible November 14, 2019
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