Yo, her breath is daost, smells like she brushed her teeth with a skunks ass
by jcm April 14, 2004
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That quiet kid that always gets left behind especially in dangerous situations. He is that one kid to break something at a party. He spills his drink at every dinner. If there is fire around, he will put his finger in it. If there is a knife around he will start cutting things. He also shoots every one of his teammates in World War Z and laughs when they die.
Colton Daoust A man who, when browsing his name on Urban Dictionary, will get a ridiculous confidence boost.
by FurryLover225 June 5, 2020
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he is a child predator and loves a woman who wants to touch people
Timothy Daoust touches children
by Timothy Daoust June 8, 2022
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