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(Dan-ling) Male or female admirer of Dan Hawkins, guitarist from rock band The Darkness.
If you answer yes to any of these, its fair to say you are a Danling. Some of these will apply to Darklings also, but mainly Danlings.

You know your a Danling when...

You own one or more Thin Lizzy shirts

You know exactly which shirt THAT shirt is

You know what 'floof is and who snookums is

When you wear your watch on your right arm instead of your left

When you know things Dan has said off by heart

Worse still, when you start dropping Dan quotes into random conversations

When you start naming things Dan

When you design, make and wear a T Shirt with his name/face on

When you have photos of him in your wallet/purse/keyring

You start to smoke Marlboro Lights (not good)

You also start to drink Jack Daniels and Aftershock (one of each colour) because you know Dan does

Same also applies to Stella Artois beer

You glare at people reading the NME and if you talk to them, you stop talking to them until they don't buy it anymore

When you get a tattoo of Dans name, or something relating to Dan

When you start to take an interest in every band Dan likes, Queen, Lizzy etc

When you get a sudden obsession for belts

When you suddenly want to learn/go to Lowestoft more

When you spend three hours on a Saturday morning watching some poxy kids show because Dan's going to be on it for a few milli seconds, actually that applies to any programme that Dan 'might' be on

You know all Dans moves during certains songs (pointing out to audience during Makin Out, turning his back during Get Your Hands Off My Woman etc)

You start wearing braclets/chains on your wrists and have never done so before

You spend hours trawling ebay trying to buy a guitar pick of his

You start wearing a cross around your neck, for no other reason than that Dan does
by Sidney38 January 21, 2007
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