a term that describes some good ass weed, but nowadays is easily used to rip people off cuz dank does not have a distinct look, jus remember, if it smells a lot and is very light green, then a good deal, if in doubt, dont buy it and go to another dealer; other terms to fool kids: dro, sticky icky, fire, kush, etc.
1- this weed does not look that good
2-dude this is fuckin dank
1-yo its the same color as my shit and has a million seeds in it
2-yo u obviously dont know about weed
1-fuck u (punches 2 in the face, takes his money and shoves the weed dow 2's throat)
by KGBPURPLECITY October 09, 2007
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very strong, potent weed.

also used to desribe something as cool or awesome.
That weed was hella dank.

Those are some dank shades.
by Adishian December 13, 2008
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Commonly used to describe any type of high quality marijuana, dank has found it's way into standard vernacular as an expression of anything that is extremely good or satisfying at the time.
boy- "How was your breakfast darlin?"

girl- "Mmmmm! That cottage cheese was dank homie!"
by ummmwurd May 26, 2006
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typically used to describe a drug and used by stoners, to say something is sick or good. Basically saying "thats dope/sick" also used to describe memes.

its origin is Swedish comes from "marshy spot"
"thats some dank weed kyle" "want to see some dank memes?"
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by yahyeetae June 12, 2017
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Something really dank is "cool" for say in 2015-2020 hipsters use this word or meme pages
by Nonamenomemo January 13, 2017
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Well my friends, you have come hear to learn the meaning of dank, well, dank is not a word but a metaphor. Dank is not something you use in memes. Dank is the future, We are the future. Those who do not listen will be left behind. So my friends do not take away the true meaning of dank, we are dank. Follow me and become the future! FOLLOW ME! AND BECOME DANK!
Spread my word, the word of dank, and I will give you the freedom you deserve.
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