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Street slang which stands for 'Can Giving Bimbo' used to define Red Bull Wings Team Members (females with IQ less than room temperature) who sample/distribute Red Bull cans for free to anybody and everybody around annoying them with terrible brand lines like 'It gives you wiiings' or 'Can I energize you today?'. You either drink the Red Bull from the can they give, or watch them haunt you in your dreams if ever you refuse to drink from that red bull can.
Mike : Oh fuck, I see a CGB glancing and walking towards us.
Brian : fuckfuckfuckfuck
Mike : Act cool. Act cool. I don't wanna have nightmares.
CGB : Heyyyy!! Can I energize you today? You look very tired!!
Brian : Sure. :(
by PinkThongs May 21, 2013
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CGB (Cock Guiding Brotherhood): A group created by two friends in Southern California which its main cause is directing their members in the course of achieving their affairs by planning schemes of different magnitudes and complexities. A state of satisfaction is created by a mutual effort applied by all members, acting in a selfless manner to bring a sense of unity. Actions are determined through an adhocratic system, designed to self-adjust to different situations and scenarios.
The CGB has helped me find an attractive mate.
by George & Zoro April 25, 2010
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A girl who is so ugly that she Can't Go Back (C.G.B.)

Lindsay Lohan -> after meth

Person 1: Did you see Lindsay Lohan on the news last night?
Person 2: Yeah, she's turned into such a CGB!
by notaCGB March 10, 2011
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Crazy Girlfriend Behavior

When your girlfriend decides to act stranger than usual and does things that don't seem normal to others. Usually has direct link to a crazy girlfriend your friend might be dating.
Kyle: my girlfriend has been acting strange lately
Jesse: total CGB?
Kyle: got that right
by JjesseD09 July 25, 2008
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(Crips, Bloods, and G.D. (Gangster Disciples)) A group of gang members formerly known in Columbia, South Carolina.
It can also mean "Cant Go Broke"
"Ayo C.G.B. be da realist gang"
by Gslime Bitch January 13, 2018
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