Something which is soo awesome that it cannot be described in any other words. Awesome and fantastic just don't cut it anymore...
C: Hey man, don't you thing that Camp Washington is just soo awesome?
I:Dude, thats like the understatement of the year! Camp Washington is DANK!!!!!!
by the*moose*who*frolics*at*night November 09, 2009
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Adj.: Ignorant and Outlandish.

Vb: Danking. To be ignorant on the internet just to accumulate attention.

Noun: Dankness. The state of being oblivious to your need for attention while continuing to ask for it.

A term originating from IRC.
Man, he was actin like a dank. Talkin all this nonsense just to have people look at his posts.

We had 30 idiots danking yesterday. It was so pathetic, we weren't going to believe their nonsense.

Bill o'reily was full of Dankness, picking hip-hop as a catalyst for crime
by Madd Basik May 13, 2008
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1. Dank- a drunk skank.

2. Dank- a girl you can have, however do not want. Unless you're drunk.
1. "Hey, who invited all these dank-ass bitches to the bonfire?"

2. "Bro, this dank won't leave me alone."
by bignastynasty July 31, 2009
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A soft drink made on Vancouver island and sold in many stores including Youbou Market, and Shop and Save.
We should go buy a couple Dank's because I'm hella thirsty.
by TFC_TFC December 23, 2009
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