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really potent weed, produced by proper slow drying of harvested plant material, usually requiring curing (putting plant material in paper bag, folding over top, placing that bag in another bag. Thus reducing air and light contact on said plant materials, so when you go to retrieve some of said plant materials, it is still moist, green and sticky because the resin glands are still intact and 'sweating'.
usually can only be found on or near a High School (go on, Im sure your son would love to hook you up with some digity dank.
by todaugen November 25, 2003

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hyroglyphic of Egyptian female chest
If you dont recognize the glyph, then you probably weren't breast fed.
by todaugen November 25, 2003

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Im outa here, niggers. PEACE!
this strip club blows, outie 5 yo!
by todaugen December 01, 2003

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Your Christian name, if your mom was thirsty when you popped out.
Maggie was delerious after giving birth, so did not think twice when she asked for a drink and they handed her her new born son. So they named him Drink. Get it? Ahhhh pffftt...
by todaugen March 05, 2004

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my girlfriends dogs name
My GF's dogs head is the size of a freakishly large apricot
by todaugen November 24, 2003

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