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A common term used to describe those who have been blessed by Snoop Dogg. These "memer"'s diets consist solely on Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Dank memers often have a kneck beard, are morbidly obese, live in their mothers' basements at the age of 20+, own a Nissan micro, main Sniper classes in FPS games, smoke weed every day, wear sunglasses and often wear either an "OBEY" SnapBack cap or a black fedora.
by The dankest of the dank June 09, 2016
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An edgy fag who likes the Simpsons and Fallout. Hates FNAF (which is awesome) Thinks it is autistic. Makes fun of the disabled.
Fnaf fan: I LOVE MY FANDOM!!!
Dank memer: KYS

Fnaf fan: (stuffs dank memer into a Freddy suit)
by FredoFrisbee87 July 14, 2016
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