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A fat, ugly bitch who thinks she's entitled to whine about everything despite her young age. She's inexplicably popular among hipsters, scene kids, and dumbbells.

She can be found by the manure fields in plain daylight and swimming around the city sewers throughout midnight.

Warning: she typically sues for car accidents, so keep her at a safe distance from your car.
Holy shit man are you okay?! Fuck, for a moment there I thought a Danielys hit you with a class-action lawsuit!

Screw that fat bitch, all she does is whine and shit, her mom must be a descendant of Danielys!

Bro are we scoring tonight? I hear Danielys' house is loaded with booze. Now if only we could get rid of that whale...
by Mouthwatering_candy_fountain November 25, 2012
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