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A Daniel Smith is an amazing but rare specimen of a male human. Unlike other males a Daniel Smith is an exceptionally: Handsome, sexy, sweet talking and romantic human; every Daniel Smith has a minimum of eight abs and a penis at least eight inches long! Legend states that a Daniel Smith's penis tastes of tropical fruit and causes females to have indescribable orgasms! Any female who has a Daniel Smith as their boyfriend is extremely lucky, for a Daniel Smith is usually at least a millionaire and due to his sexiness usually owns multiple brands and is very sought after within the modelling industry. However due to the fact that Daniel Smith's are very rare, no-one has thought of anything comparable to a Daniel Smith, however those few people who have had an experience with a Daniel Smith said that you could compare a Daniel Smith to: god, perfection, a legend and a dream come true!
Person 1: "Hey, did you see that Daniel Smith over there!"
Person 2: *Fainted
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by TheSpecial0ne July 05, 2017
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Daniel Smith is a ufc fighter born and bred to be Conor Mcregor one day. Dan loves his family and his finger friends. Dan is a weird guy who can be okay sometimes, but if you tell him to chill or call him a pogeon he is like a β€œdevil that has long been caged.”
1.I just met a dan and that’s it really.
Dan is an awesome guy who needs to chill.
Daniel Smith needs to chill
by Guy11223344556677889900 May 27, 2018
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