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A very low status which means that you are a faggot and you honestly cannot fall any lower unless you rape a kitten and say it was the most fun you ever had, in which case you become acquire Furry status. In order to get this status, you must fail miserably. Dane Cook Status is a terrible thing and you should laugh at how much whoever has it sucks.


Successfully become an hero and you will raise your status from a guy made of fail and aids to a guy mad of win and greatness as well an icon for all an heroes to come.

People who have achieved Dane Cook Status:
Dane Cook
This guy:
Hillary Clinton

Guy made of win: I cured Cancer!

Guy made of greatness: I proved that the educational system is flawed!

Guy with Dane Cook Status: I disguised a bomb as a copy of one of Dane Cooks CDs, mailed it to my own house and blew everything up!!! I am made of WIN!!!!!!
by fgsfdsMASTER February 02, 2009
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When u tell a joke at a high caliber, it is very funny and people relate to u. This comes after the Comedian Dane Cook who tells good jokes that are true.
WOW man that was halarious you be on that Dane Cook Status. Thanks Daniel
by Christian Ramos November 12, 2007
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