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A person who makes a lot of racket but does not go anywhere. Someone who thinks they are cool but are actually quite sad. Named after the Harley Davidson motorcycle because they make a bunch of racket and don't go anywhere, and often the people that ride Harley Davidson's think they are cool but are actually quite sad, and they have serious homosexuality issues.
Dude 1: Jimmy says his band has a record deal with EMI.
Dude 2: Ya whatever! Jimmy still lives at home with his Mom! What a Harley Davidson!
by docktergonzo May 03, 2009

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The act of standing or sitting motionless while waiting for your PC to boot up or restart. Refers to the extended periods of time you spend motionless while you wait for your PC to restart, especially if it is not operating properly.
Higgins fell asleep in his chair while he was doing the PC boot up dance.

Bob had to be resuscitated after he restarted his computer and lapsed into a coma while doing the PC boot up dance.
by docktergonzo February 26, 2007

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Someone (usually a dude) that goes out and buys the cheesiest truck credit can buy. He also likes to accessorize the truck with the ugliest accessories credit can buy such as: a lift kit, large rims and tires, lots of chrome accessories, tribal paint, stereo, lights, etc.
This person usually has no money and a small penis, therefore, they feel that driving one of these "trucks" vindicates their low self worth.
Fortunately, this is as temporary condition due to the fact the individual cannot keep up with the steep payments and has to return the "truck" six to twelve months later.
This person will also accessorize themselves with tribal tattoos, tribal jewelry and blonde streaks in a vain attempt to attract someone from the opposite sex.
A great place to observe these types of individuals is at Nickleback and Default concerts.
Guy 1: Hey man check out my new F-150!! I can't wait to get high on coke and take it to the Nickleback show tonight!!
Guy 2: What the hell man. you are such a Credit Clown, you still live with your fuckin mom!! grow the fuck on up!!
by docktergonzo April 16, 2008

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To be really high on drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol.
I took one E and it wasn't working so i took another and I got tzatziki tweaky!!
by docktergonzo February 26, 2007

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