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Damins are the sexiest, sweetest and most caring boys ever. they have flawless hair and will love you as long as they can. honestly if a Damin asks you out, stay with them forever because you will regret leaving then.
Hot damn look at him!! He must be a Damin!!
by Lizzybearr April 30, 2016
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Damin is a very pretty girl's name that's fashionable and known to have a dirty mouth. In short, she's perfect, but the long version is that she's crazy, wild, pessimistic, optimistic,boy-lover (cough cough), and loves girls. A Damin loves hot cheetos and needs to stop eating it.
DAYUM, she's a Damin!
by PBiotch April 01, 2010
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The best type of person to be friends with or to love, and if he gets mad at someone he dislikes it can end badly. rare to find by a very good reward.
I Punched a Damin and he said β€œ It’s my fault.”
by Damin Darwin May 22, 2018
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