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The absolute worst city in Texas. People here are really rude and they all think they're the shit.

Full of trash, pollution, and devoid of all culture.
Mike: "You live in Texas?"
Luke: "Yeah"
Mike: "Where in?"
Luke: "Dallas"
Mike: *walks away*
by crzyhifi August 11, 2006

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The candidate that redneck conservatives love to hate, but don't know why.

The only candidate who has the support of the US military, and can actually bring the troops home and end King George's war. Has received more money and more support than any other candidate, democratic or republican.

Has a healthcare system designed to provide insurance coverage to EVERY American, but which is completely optional.

END "No Child Left Behind", another one of Mr. Bush's fuck-ups

Give marital rights to same-sex couples, has legislation that will allow you to give 'rights' to your mother, brother, life-partner, etc.
Fucking redneck: I HATE HILLARY!!
Someone who actually reads: Why?
Fucking redneck: Because. . . . uhhh . . . I HATE HILLARY!
Someone who actually reads: Yeah, that's what I thought

No one quite knows why they hate Hillary Clinton, they just hate her because it's the popular thing to do.

Got experience?

Read a book, you fucking rednecks.
by crzyhifi February 19, 2008

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