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A Daelen is an empathetic person who is extremely talented, although they may not believe it. She makes people feel special and is one of the most beautiful people you'll ever know, both inside and out. A Daelen is incredibly accepting. They may be convinced that they are stupid or worthless or the like, but that's totally and completely untrue. Daelens must be convinced of their amazing qualities. You can trust Daelens with your life. You can trust them with your anything and everything. They will always come to you when you need someone. A Daelen is the best friend you could imagine.
person 1: Wow, there's this amazing girl at my school!

person 2: Is she gorgeous and talented but doesn't believe that she is?


person 2: She must be a Daelen. Let her know that she's amazing.

person 1: I will!!!
by perdreamhapsing May 05, 2013
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A Daelen is a sweet guy when dating, but none trustworthy. He is a player for all girls and makes them feel special until bored! Loves to watch porn and play COD! Daelen is a typical guy but very very mean to many people. Likes to call people mean names such as greaser and bitch!
I was dating this super sweet guy then he went SOO MEAN!" "Oh he must be a Daelen! :(
by JustinBieberlover5 May 31, 2011
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