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A older single guy with a dominant streak whom a much younger girl finds attractive. Doesn't have any children so he ends up spanking his young girlfriend in the ass for fun. Usually ends up being a boyfriend of a girl with daddy issues. In sexual situation, the girlfriend's conversation will always go along these lines:
"I'm ready to be spanked now daddy"

"When can I get to play with it daddy?"

"You make it hurt so good daddy"

"Daddy can I be your good little girl?"

"Daddy, please punish me daddy"
Ray: Look at Trey strutting around with those two hot college chicks! How can I get those?

John: Dude, you're not attractive, you're just 28 and already have a demon of a kid you never disciplined. Basically, you don't have daddyism.
by Troy007 December 19, 2012
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used for describing phrases, words, etc that your father says or said to you during your childhood.
Child: (Something their dad says)
Mother: Don't say that, only dad can say that! It's a daddyism.
by lolitachicka May 17, 2009
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