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Tha best balla of all time C.V.P all day all day
Kobe: Who iz da best balla in da world mah nigga?
Tracy:Iz mah nigga DaJuan dawg!!
by BallTillYaFall June 19, 2008
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The best music group in Trieste, but famous in the world country!
The Scoverciai are the best!
by BallTillYaFall October 14, 2008
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A people which is Nuffin special...y u american people like so much italians??? we'r just like u or others, not better..im ashamed 2 be italian...mafia, mangia-spaghetti... ma muder fortunately's australian...dey're hard-workin'!australia: the best country in tha universe!!! Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi!!
Mate: Hey, r u italian?
Me: yes, but i consider myself australian...i hate italy and his people!
by BallTillYaFall October 10, 2008
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