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When one witnesses something so outrageous that there is no time to complete the sentence. Also used for emphasis on "fuck".
Boss: Do you see that sketchy guy covered in dust walking towards the store with surgical gloves on?
Worker: He best not be coming in

*Man walks in*

Boss: Well, I gotta go
Worker: Da fuck?!?!
by DJ Timyo Fr33flo September 17, 2011
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usually used when something is so outrageous that what the fuck no longers shows how outrageous that said something is
bob- sally hunnie i cheated on yu with a prosistute and yu might have herpes

sally- DA FUCK
by yamomzonmylap February 18, 2010
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He lays down a monster...da fuck did you lay that down???
by Nick D February 08, 2003
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Used like "What the Fuck"


The vagina as in "What do you fuck?"
Boy 1: Dafuck
Boy 2: Hey man i didn't mean it.


Boy 1: What do you fuck
Boy 2: Dafuck


(gets a bad grade)
Boy 1: Dafuck
by dbmac December 02, 2008
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