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Slang for the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.
Where are you going to college?

by junksport February 10, 2005
If someone says this to you there is no recovery you are put into an instant coma and will never awaken the use of these words are illegal so you may call the police but that's hard when your in a coma
Person 1: hey kids guess what you da lezbo

*all kids that heard this are in a coma*

( . )( . )

\ /

( 👉🏻👌🏻 )
by My real name is zuk4Vbuk November 27, 2018
Term used by a black male to compliment an attractive white female. Used primarily by run down players with gold teeth and nappy hair.
Shawna was minding her own business, enjoying girls night out at the club when all of a sudden Jerome approached her and said 'U da beast!'
by Barntchew Boodiggitty June 16, 2008
Da ta iba u muhata means the person is so chill and nice.
Da ta iba u muhata pederungel grozen
Qsh mi patkata we muha nasrana
by Kurcho86 June 9, 2020