You: wyd later?
Friend: nothing just hanging with bae.

You: oh, dws!
by Mxrkiii May 28, 2018
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used in msn, aim etc

dont worry
by Hannah.l May 26, 2005
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the name of the little sister of Arthur on the non-hit cartoon TV series "Arthur."

Stands for Dora Winefred. Is also a huge douchebag
Arthur: DAD!! There's bologna in the dishwasher!
by regnidglb October 26, 2004
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Arthur’s sister in Arthur the anteater.
Dw, stfu! I’m going over to Buster’s house to look at his moms nudes.
by March 23, 2020
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Dealing With Shit. The process of identifying and working out how to deal with shit that life throws your way. Stress levels are normally high and you tend to put off DWS until it reaches high levels.

Also referred to as 'De Dub S'
"Im sick of DWS, i need a holiday!"

"Why am I always the one De Dub S?"
by Depleted July 20, 2009
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Me: Yea Taylor was talking to the flight attendant today in such a high voice. She’s such a DW.
by Worldtraveler April 27, 2019
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