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abbreviation for "down to suck dick" - one who is willing to prefrom oral sex on a male, suck dick.
simmilar to DTF

"Dude, did you fuck her?"
"No man, Genny is only DTSD"
by Genevieve!!!!YEAHH!!! March 31, 2007
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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For the Decade That’ll Slap Differently you can use it in any context to be gassed for the upcoming 10 years
Boy : Yo are you doing to get litty bitty this weekend

Girl : Yeah of course this is DTSD isn’t it lets go
by MorgoPorgo June 27, 2020
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down to suck dick
-boy "hey"
- girl " hey...I'm d.t.s.d"

-boy " come by my apartment later and we can arrange something"
-girl " sure thing "
by tonyonline February 27, 2011
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Short for the annual Vans Downtown Showdown skate event held in Hollywood, CA.
person 1: "Hey did you get an invite to DTSD?"

person 2: "Hell yeah I did! See you there."
by VaneVandal September 23, 2009
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