DTP is an acronym meaning "Down To Pound." It is commonly used when talking in code with friends about a girl either putting out ,being DTP, or not putting out, not being DTP.
Yo, check out those skampers!

Ya, they are definitely DTP!
by P_Dawg July 21, 2009
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We need DTP,Death to posers is what I mean! -Sadus.
by Brainfuzz June 18, 2011
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1.Deep Throat Professional
2.Disturbin Da Peace
1. yall no tanika is a dtp
2. we d.t.p- ludacris
by ashanti1 April 06, 2008
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(v) Down to play.

The action of being ready to play xbox 360 with a firend.
"Hey Billy, I'm DTP COD tonight" -Emily

"Oh cool, me too. I'm not going to a party tonight, so its all good." -Billy

"Finally! I'm going to kick your ass:)" -Emily
by urgirlfriend143 June 26, 2010
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when it's almost as if you're dating someone, but not yet official. like "hanging out" with someone who knows you like them. you also know they like you.. but both are holding back in the "friendly" relationship
friend: so u two datin???
you: naww, we just dtp'in
friend: dayum.. yawll needa get official already
by jahkayyy August 28, 2007
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Down To Pizza.

Charming because it is not necessarily grammatically correct, DTP refers to a particular type of individual who is always down to eat some pizza.
by BeataS February 21, 2011
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