Stands for Dump The Mother Fucker. Used when you are going to, have, or are dumping your partner.

Present: Dumping The Mother Fucker.
ex: I'm DTMF right now

Past: Dumped The Mother Fucker.
ex: I DTMF yesterday

Future: Dump The Mother Fucker.
ex: I'm going to DTMF tonight.
by Mariana-ana August 31, 2009
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Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. Pressing a button on the keypad of a touch-tone phone generates a pair of tones of specified frequency and duration. The network or the equipment at the other end of the connection (such as a remote control for a phone answering machine, or a telephone interconnect system) detects and interprets these tones. In analog networks, audible tones generated by the network provide the call progress indications to the user. Different tones allow the human ear to interpret the progress of the call. On digital networks (such as PBX or ISDN), the network may send indication messages to the phone to indicate the status of the call, and the phone may generate most tones locally, driven by those messages.
(touch tone® dialing format)
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Stands for "down to make food"
similar to DTF, but makes someone way more attractive.
Yeah, and I'm dtmf.
by lizwhitelizbright July 3, 2010
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"Down to Mind-Fuck" Basically asking or telling if someone is ready to have an Inception-esque conversation that will blow your mind.
Chad: Hey are you DTMF?
Kelly: Totally. ;)
Chad: Sweet, so what do you think would happen if Pinocchio said "My nose will grow?"
by Konnor with a K September 14, 2011
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