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"Dick Size War"

When two sides both say there's is better, bigger, faster, longer, harder, whatever than the other side's.

"DSW" trivializes the competition as each side saying "My dick's bigger than yours."
I'm not getting into any DSW between Pickies and SQL-addicts.
by Frosty J Hammer November 18, 2005
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A way of saying Dirty, Skanky, whore with out hurting some ones feelings because we all should at least pretend to be nice.
Steffi is a DSW becuase she cheated on John while they were dating, that was not nice of her.
by Chris Popma October 19, 2004
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A DSW is a Dirty Slut Whore! the original dsw's were alyssa, lauren, and julianna. although sometimes confused as a "dick sucking whore", a dirty slut whore is a more diverse whore, covering from dick sucking, pole dancing, booty shaking, doggy style fucking, eiffel towering, and superman-ing hoe, etc. dsw's are very friendly and social girls, especally drunk but will be bitches and talk shit if you do the same to them. the are super hot and they dgaf (not to be confused with bro hoes cause they're stupid white bitches who sleep with everyone that has a lifted truck) they are SUPER HOTT!!!!. thats all.
"Damn that Hot Bitch i just supersoaked is a DSW!"
by DSW hoe November 26, 2007
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A DSW is when your bestfriend only finds the male sex attractive when the guy is exactly what its called......DIRTY, SKATER and of course a WHITEBOY!
by nj9876543 December 14, 2010
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Dragon Shirt Wearer.
A person who wears a Hawaiian style button up shirt that has dragons and/or a flame design all over it. A DSW usually starts as early as high school when they can afford to buy their own deck Magic the Gathering playing cards, this can evolve into Dungeons and Dragons later in life.
(noticing a guy, Jon, that you went to high school with that is impressing the ladies at a college party)
Me: "Wow man I've never seen any tits interested in Jon before."
Roommate: "Yeah, he really dropped that whole DSW stage that he had going in high school."
by the devlir September 12, 2009
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Dirty Shitty Wop instead of the original "Discount Shoe Warehouse"
Chrissy, why don't you tell Grandma what you said DSW means?
by miss grace December 02, 2004
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