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Dick-Sucking Ass-Licker, used for a male who has just broken up with a girl because they never liked her in the first place. Or because they started liking someone else and never showed up on dates, or cancelled repeatedly at the last minute.
Emily: Oh man, that guy's such a DSAL. Jessica: Yeah, I heard he broke up with Sarah because he started liking that other chick and kept ditching Sarah at the last second.
by KiLLER KiTTEN KAOS July 09, 2009
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Dick Sucking Ass Licker (Definition Number Two) - a guy who forgets he is going out with the girl who asks him out, which is rare in itself according to a few people, then when she complains and a friend talks to him, they say that,

a They don't give a fuck.
b That the girl should get over it

Earning himself a slap, kick in the balls or a blood-nose. Or a combination of the three if the girl is feisty enough.
Mate 1: Hey...Did you forget about -girl's name-?
Guy: Yeah? So? I don't really give a fuck and she should get over it...and herself.
Mate 1: You're a fuckwit. A DSAL. Seriously.
by KiLLER KiTTEN KAOS October 26, 2009
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