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Dark Net Markets

Sites like Silk Road found using TOR, are not found on the regular internet and are commonly used to purchase and sell black market items such as drugs, weapons, fake IDs and such
After Silk Road got shut down we searched on TOR for another legit DNM to score our RCs from.
by deltaroo November 22, 2015
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Deep and meaningful. When two people get together to share tales of woe, love and rejection. Usually involves psychoanalysing the situation when there is a problem plaguing one of the parties.
Last night Kate and I had a DNM;
After Brett and I broke up I needed a DNM.
by Milkmann September 13, 2005
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deep and meanigful conversation with someone.
me and rick had a d'n'm last night. i feel like we're much closer now.
by Lera92 July 22, 2008
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Do Not Merge

Is used for marking temporary code, that shouldn't go into main code base.
Is used widely by programmers, mostly by users of Git-SCM and other source code control tools.
In programmers language: is used in Git commit message title to indicate that the code should not be merged.
DNM: Video playback feature (temporary code)
DNM: Main site page
DNM - Example for API usage
by pseydonum June 05, 2018
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deep and meaningful conversation. Also d'n'm
After the show, I had a d n m with Bonobo. Now we're BFFs.
by anonpants December 02, 2010
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