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The drunkest kid at the party. The biggest joke at the party.
Brain Kelly drank everyone under the table, fell down while dancing with a girl, and claimed the prize of DKATP.
by thediplomat26 December 08, 2010
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"Drunkest Kid at the Party" This prestigious title is only offered to the most courageous of drinkers. A few things are a given if chosen as the DKATP of the night:

1. you probably pissed yourself/pissed somewhere you otherwise would have never considered pissing

2. you threw almost have to throw up

3. you attempted to have intercourse and your unit simply would not respond

4. you started a fight for the sole purpose of getting into a fight

5. you woke up the next day with 3-10 text messages from people asking if you are OK or alive
Byoung son shit himself last night and still went to the bars; he was definitely the DKATP.
by whatitiswhatitdo8821 December 12, 2010
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