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JIM: Hey did you hear Bob got a new lava lamp for his apartment.
ME: DGAS, Bob is an asshat
by bhinman February 23, 2005
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DGAS stands for Don't Give A Shit. used when you don't want to do something you are asked to do and have to do. can be used in classrooms to start mini-rebeliions against a teacher. if heard all must reply "DGAS!"
Pronounced: D-GAS
Teacher:"Do questions 1-4"
Other pupils:"DGAS!"
by DGAS February 26, 2006
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Abbreviation of Dont Give A Shit. The lazy, not-caring persons motto. Can be used in different ways eg:
1) instead of saying 'I dont give a shit'
2) as a verb
3) a random exclamation
1) 'I got so drunk last night'
'really, well DGAS, its not that interesting'

2) 'I dont want to go to school today, lets DGAS it'

3) 'DGAS!'
by oi prick June 27, 2005
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didnt get any
back from the club, dga D:
by shablagooooooo June 10, 2011
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TL:DGAS stands for Too Long; Didn't Give A Shit and is a comedic play on TL;DR. Contrary to TL;DR it is not limited to reading and can be applied to other activities such as movies, videogames and homework.

The term was first coined by NakedJakey in is video "Rockstar's Game Design is Outdated" uploaded on YouTube on the 17th of December 2018.
Nerdy girl: Did you read that book for english class?
Hot guy: TL;DGAS, I was busy inflating my ego and I don't care about school.
Nerdy girl (mind): He's so brave...
by Master Engineer December 18, 2018
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The abbreviation for "Double Green Hat Mouth - Double Green Hat Anal". This is where Green Hat takes 2 two dicks in his mouth and ass at the same time.
Green Hat checked off a bucket list accomplishment after his first DGM-DGA last night.
by RobJeremy May 19, 2016
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