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acronym for
JIM: Hey did you hear Bob got a new lava lamp for his apartment.
ME: DGAS, Bob is an asshat
by bhinman February 23, 2005
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Dandy Guerilla Army.
U dont wanna mess wit these boys they will turn u out
CSW says: "Bro who the hell r they?"
Homie says "D.G.A bro,if u know wat i mean"
by ALTER-ONE May 22, 2006
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DGAS stands for Don't Give A Shit. used when you don't want to do something you are asked to do and have to do. can be used in classrooms to start mini-rebeliions against a teacher. if heard all must reply "DGAS!"
Pronounced: D-GAS
Teacher:"Do questions 1-4"
Other pupils:"DGAS!"
by DGAS February 26, 2006
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Abbreviation of Dont Give A Shit. The lazy, not-caring persons motto. Can be used in different ways eg:
1) instead of saying 'I dont give a shit'
2) as a verb
3) a random exclamation
1) 'I got so drunk last night'
'really, well DGAS, its not that interesting'

2) 'I dont want to go to school today, lets DGAS it'

3) 'DGAS!'
by oi prick June 27, 2005
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Don't give a S***,
When you really don't give a S***,you say D GAS!
Prounounced DEE GAS
Similar to (DGAF)
by Toohotfrmphx August 04, 2007
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Death Golf Association-D.G.A a game commonly played in minigolf parks. where everyone hits there ball at once and the first one who gets it in gets the most points. violence is needed to be the firsty one to get it in.
lets go kill golf balls jemima, jimminy kricketss yes ass face! ya D.G.A
by motomadness September 28, 2007
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