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A name that encompasses all that is awesome and beautiful in the world. She's Smart,Beautiful, Amazing, Talented, Sweet, Kind, Gorgeous Girl. She is the best girl you'll ever meet, simply awesome. If you ever find a Deeksha, never let her go, you'll definitely regret it and sometimes she may be moody, difficult and unfair at times - and talking to her is like peeling a onion because there is always more to discover under each layer , a whole different side and although she likes to bully you ,she will always have a heart of absolute purity and is one of a kind.

Much adored by those called Abhi.
Random person : "this girl has a heart of gold!"
Abhi: "She is such a Deeksha"
by abhineetsingh27 September 01, 2019
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Usually a girl who likes good food and good music. Looks middle eastern with silk hair, big brown eyes and a mocha glow, not to mention the fat ass. Has a sense of humor but u need to tap into it. When she gets to know u she will protect u fiercely and remain loyal no matter what u do. Isn't romantic but likes to get freaky in the sheets, very sexually active. Smart and quick tempered but usually calms down extremely fast. Super fun to flirt with and be around. Talking to her will be like a roller coaster because no matter how many layers you think you have uncovered, there will always be more to discover.
I let a deeksha walk out of my life
by 2218 June 02, 2018
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