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a Ding Dong Holder, or my sister in law!
Man you are kind of cool, but you sure are a DDH.
by Dougs246 October 06, 2007
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Dirty Dirty Hipster-one who prides himself on being the lowest on the hipster totem pole. In the world of hipsters, these guys are the real deal.
There goes another DDH on his fixie.
by DDHdood August 28, 2008
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DDH ~ Devon Dirty Hoe!
1.Someone Who pisses off the queen of marysville!
2.Get to drunk can't keep there pants on, messing with someones boyfriend.
3.dirty hoe from devin..
you are the queen of the Ddh's .. Eh Nikki
by }}i{{ * kaytlin * })i({ March 03, 2005
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Basically stupid or those petty bitches that alwAys got shit to say they DDH or dizzy Dora hoes
by Kemo August 23, 2019
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