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A young man who embodies the values of passion, integrity, and grit in all of his endeavors. Generally, a DBK has limitless energy, strong leadership ability, and a desire to help others. Due to these characteristics, however, a DBK often ruffles a few feathers and has a handful of people who don't much care for him, but these detractors are far outweighed by those who like and respect him.
Parent 1: Who is that guy in charge of that fundraiser for the boy who is fighting cancer?

Parent 2: I don't know who he is, but he is definitely a DBK.
by One And Dunphy February 20, 2013
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DBK refers to a secretive elite group of mainly men, and a rake, that toke it up like fucking pro's, you know you ain't a rook when you can toke like the members of DBK!
Members include: Bong Action Man, Bill the Ripper 4000, Killer Kone, Red burning Blunt, Black Bong, Lil' Toker, Rake Tokin'!
Onlooker: Oh shit man thats DBK!
DBK(Member/s of): Took it up rook! Watch the pro's rip billy's and slay that shit!
by Bong Action Man March 26, 2008
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it stands for Double Bass Kings. The best shufflers in Sydney. They might have broken off into their own destinies and shuffled til they died
Shuffler1: Holy shit! Its the DBK Masters!
Shuffler2: We're gonna get owned so bad....
by Double Bass King August 19, 2011
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Is an abbreviation for D(runk)B(rown)K(id).
This word origins from one kid in Canada who was really drunk
Wow that kid is so DBK tonight
by The real DBK September 22, 2006
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Dumb Black Kids

Kids who often listen to mainstream hip-hop follow every trend, fall into stereotypes don't pay attention I school and try to think they are better than everyone else they want to be like chief Keef and pnb rock and other dumb rappers who only talk about sex money and drugs
Nick and Darien are Dbks

I can't wait to go to a white school. And get away from these Dbks
by Jdog the rhymer May 17, 2016
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