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Also known as Daz Default. Warped photo of Darren the famous drummer from Dudley, West Midlands. Original photo of Darren pulling a jib on his now famous sofa wearing a Jack Daniels baseball cap, waistcoat and holding a Concorde wine bottle. Warped by his schoolmate Andy AKA Ben and secretly passed around the net without his knowledge. Used extensively when someone famous dies and Dazman's warped face is applied next to the dead person. Extensively used on Facebook and Myspace.
Dazman DazDefault
by Dazdefault October 11, 2010
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Someone who stood up to the 'clique' without fear.

Someone who should be admired for not wanting to be a sheep.

Someone who stood up to bullying and wasnt afraid to say what was on his mind. Someone who stood up for his mates, even if it meant making him unpopular. Someone who will be remember long after the cretins who fought so hard to get rid of him.

Someone whose legacy lives on, even today. Dazman was a top bloke. The Hattrick world is poorer for his absence
"Dont let it worry you Dazman, more people back up what you say than you realise. If anyone stands up against them they just get shouted down, like they try to do with you. I reckon alot of it boils down to jealousy. They cant argue their point with you so they just start having a go. They're bothered about you a whole lot more than you're bothered about them. Its as if they need you. Sad cunts with no lives at the end of the day.

That Andiell, what a complete and total wanker. Hes about as funny as cancer. And dont get me started on waynef, Ive known more hilarious bowel movements.

The Clique - A group of people who had to discuss what to say about Daz in their own elite federation. They couldnt just post it, oh no. They had to talk about it first, just to see if everyone found it funny. They crave acceptance with each other. Its all very homo-erotic if you ask me."
by Dangermouse. April 17, 2006
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Sanctimonius and self-righteous martyr
Dazman: That's perhaps the saddest post Ive ever seen on Hattrick in all the time Ive been playing, Ad. Its a real shame you felt the need to post petty needless abuse. I felt belittled and humiliated, and in public as well. This is my final login, but before I go I want to know why you did all this? I want to know your motivation for ruining this game for me.
by Everyone not in WHOA August 23, 2004
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A person that likes to make fun of people but doesn't like people doing the same to him, usually resulting in the 'Dazman' running off and crying to somebody
Dazman - "Please Mr Moderator, Andiell is making fun at me"
Moderator - "That's OK my little Dazman, I'll ban him for a week and forget about your fun making"
by A Sympathiser August 19, 2004
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A definition of victim syndrome.

Usually uttered in frustration by an innocent accused.
"That fucking Dazman is whinging his ass off again"
by A Pisstaker August 24, 2004
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