Its a group that consists of Eminem, Bizzare, Proof, Kuniva, Mr Denuan Porter, and Swift. They all have Alter egos that makes up for the other six that was missing.
D12= Dirty Dozen OR D12=Detroit Twelve. It stands for both to all you faggots out there who argue about it over the net with people you dont even fucking know.
by Shady's Baby 03' November 15, 2003
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A very talented rapper and five other black guys that carry his luggage.
Did you pick up the new D12 cd? Ya, me niether.
by Calvin March 18, 2005
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a great rap group made up of 6 members with their alter egos making the extra 6. they threaten and diss almost anybody. i think d12 stands for the 12 disciples???
d12 is da only rap group i would listen to. they dont sound wimpy when they bitch
by fuyu no kaze May 9, 2005
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D=Dirty and Dozen=12 D12 means Dirty Dozen!!! Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers and Bizarre/Peter S. Bizarre started D12!!! They were originally part of Tha OutSidaz(in eminem debut cd he say's OutSidaz)And then D12 was started!!! Young Zee was a member of Tha OutSidaz is on D12's new cd D12 World(Comercial Break) and has a camio apperance on 40 Oz. video!!!!
D=Dirty and Dozen=12
by AZN T?? May 18, 2004
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A twelve sided die used most often in tabletop roleplaying games.
In the D20 Modern Roleplaying Game, a Barret M82 "Light Fifty" sniper rifle deals 2d12 points of damage.
by Jeff Chislett May 17, 2004
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