Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder as a psychoanalysis term.

Condition indicated by the absence of a clear and comprehensive identity; where two or more independent and distinct personality systems develop in the same individual.

dissociative identity disorder....the splitting off from conscious awareness and control of thoughts, feelings, memories, and other mental components in response to situations that are painful, disturbing, or somehow unacceptable to the person experiencing them.
What are the requirements in order to seek treatment for D.I.D.?
-says my mom every 2 seconds when she's on the phone with the mental health workers who are trying to put me in a psych ward.
by dissociation July 14, 2014
1.noun-Stands for Dinosaur in disguise used to refer to all dinosaurs in disguise.

2. A group of people searching for D.I.D's.
Did you see that tail on tim sticking out i bet he's a D.I.D
by YuriKatt September 30, 2010
"dick in disguise"
being in disgust with someone
"that boy is a d.i.d"
by Sidhucer August 20, 2011
The abbreviation for a Dyke In-denial. A lesbian friend that has lesbian tendecies that wont come out to others.
Omg! Did you you see her make out with her last night! She's such a BIG D.I.D!
by Y0MaMMA March 5, 2007
Dude In Disguise; a woman who has very manly features; small breasts, light facial hair, strong figure, etc
Ever notice how every college softball player looks like a D.I.D?
by BuckAndTyrone June 6, 2021