Aight, D-Town is Dallas, and there aren't many more crackers left here anyway. South Dallas is all black, west dallas is hispanic, north dallas is white, and east dallas is nuthin'. Yall bitches better learn, Detroit is motor city, and denver, CO dont have a name... aint nuthin there.
Shit, i'm representing D-Town mufucka not Motor City or Denver whatdafuck Colorado.
by D-Town's Greatest January 31, 2005
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D-Town is Dallas cuz as far as size, metro area and crime we got the street cred. And the legendary D.O.C. is from Dallas and the whole Metroplex has alot of artist releasing major label debuts before the end of the year so fuck what another nigga talmbout!
D-Town aka Dallas, Texas muthafucka thats where I stay!
by Gyeah! September 05, 2005
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Dallas, Texas
-Not Detroit-
-Not Denver-
That's were we represent Big D and youn know it remember don't mess with Texas the bigeer state than colorado and michigan. D-Town been labeled here first in Dallas. Forget detroit rock city and denver
by C-Thuggie September 09, 2005
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Denver Colorado, homie

Detroit is Motown or the D Detroit needs to exlude it self from this conversation cause they cant be the D, Motown, AND D-town...greedy ass niggas!

Now Dallas we got love for yall but yall niggas called the Metroplex yall got too many fresh off the border ese's that rather be holding Mexico down (not sayin Denver doesn't but its not like ya'll)

there fore with that argument you can clearly see that that leaves D-town in D-town Denver...THE REAL D-TOWN
nigga 1: Where u stay a boo?

shawty 1: D-town

nigga 1: O you from Dollarado?

shawty 1: Nah Im from Detroit

nigga 1: *slap the shit out a ho*


shawty 1: *Picks up her drink and dips*
by Da Hustla303 August 15, 2008
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D-Town is the city of Detroit,Mi.(Founded in 1701)

The reason you are driving a car is because of a man from D-Town(Detroit), Named Henry Ford(Read up on him).

Some of your favorite singers get their style from D-Town(Detroit) ever heard of Motown Records?

D-Town(Detroit) is one of the cities of the great lakes(yes my tap water is fresher than yours)

Canada is right next door to D-Town(Detroit), So if I want to go shopping for cheap or go on a vacation in another country its only a 30min-1hr ride.

The D-Town(Detroit) is where Trick Daddy and Styles-p got their asses Beat.

D-Town(Detroit) is the home of the Pistons,Shocks,Red Wings,Tigers & Lions(So basically its the zoo, Where the weak gets ate)

D-Town(Detroit) is the only city that has Hot winters & Cold summers(Detroiters know what I mean)

If you go into a room with a million people from all over the globe and told them that you`re from D-Town they would think you`re talking about Detroit because its the real big D, D-Town, Motor City(JD aint no new motown B****!!)
Radio DJ: So, Big Tuck where are you from?

Big Tuck: D-town all the way!

Radio DJ: WOW I love to look at the riverfront in Detroit!

Big Tuck: Nah! Not Detroit! Dallas baby!

Radio Dj: Dallas? Where`s that? Is that in America?

Big Tuck: **crying**
by The King from Detroit May 29, 2008
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