D/E - Desert Eagle

A very powerful hand gun, standard issue gun for CB3.
Dude, i just bought a D/E nigga 500 dollars!
by GraAnd RiVEr November 23, 2009
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Similar to an A-B conversation, (so C yourself out) but more serious in nature.

Can also be used when the two conversing have names starting with D and E respectively.
-Donald: So I was about to pull an RTFWBG on the bitch when...
-Evan: This is a D-E Conversation so F YOU!!!
by OMGWTFBBQ22 July 21, 2009
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Drama to Earnings Ratio. The amount of personal or professional drama created by a customer, client or business partner divided by the earnings or prospective earnings generated from the relationship. Excessive and unnecessary drama in business relationships create an emotional tax on earnings that transcends the financial statements and negatively impacts all stakeholders in the organization, thus causing a high D/E Ratio.
We have an unbelievably high maintenance client client who calls the office five times a week and disrupts the entire office with special requests, personal problems, false accusations, and emotional outbursts. The fee we charge this client doesn't even come close to covering all the special handling and office distractions. We need to lower the D/E Ratio or dump the client.
by LeeC May 16, 2011
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W I D E James is W I D E.
Person 1: do you see that tree?

Person 2: no, there is a W I D E James in the way

Person 1: understandable, have a great day
by smol James October 03, 2020
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the acronym for word of the day envy
W O D E is getting me down, that was a bad ass word that I listed on Urban Dictionary
by mytubeyoulube July 13, 2011
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