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The XANTARES PEEK is a way of peeking popularized by the Turkish professional CS:GO player Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş. A XANTARES PEEK is performed by peeking slightly past the angle your oponent is holding while having close to perfect pre aim. Higher ping and fast reaction times can give the illusion that you just teleported onto their screen.

XANTARES peek is also a popular steam group among CS:GO players. The groups' in-game clan tag "XANTARES PEEK" is a way of chanelling your inner kebab-eating, tea drinking Turkish maniac!
"Hoooly shit! I just XANTARES peeked that guy!"

"Fuck me! I keep getting XANTARES peeked by everyone!"

"I just joined the XANTARES PEEK group."
by eNdwe September 28, 2021
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"d e standar" is a term used whenever you do something sick while playing a game, and instead of overreacting you play it cool because it's the standard. It derives from the Norwegian sentence "Det er standarden" translating to "It's the standard" in english.

d e standar is a Steam group with "d e standar" useable as a clan tag in CS:GO.
Person 1: "Holy shit Chris! Was that an ace???"

Person 2: "Yeah, but d e standar."

Person 1: "d e standar."
by eNdwe December 7, 2021
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