i love basketball and football he is very sexy
i played for the chatsworh cheifs
by D'andre March 28, 2005
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Funny tends to make jokes about anything
Boy- you look like a bag of potatoes

D-Andre- boy you look like a pack of on flavored skittles
by D-Andre November 06, 2018
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Usually a guy that is smelly obese and has a cottage cheese dick. Has mental issues, lacks confidence and dates boys or girls online. A D'Andre usual targets young teens to make oneself feel of great importance. A D'Andre is usually very poor and have no work ethic and will also live at home into his mid forties. A D'Andre is usual a peter pan like man that has a mental age of 9. A man that also lives off the government and people around them.
Dandre May have many nicknames that include Gobshite, cunt, backwards.
by jajahehe March 25, 2009
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Has a big dick and can fuck any bitch he wont and he love basketball can steal any girl he wont
Jill I love dandre. I wanna fuck him hard
by Ubi jdjdhdhdhd September 16, 2019
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It's a dude who is so childish and is too thirsty. He only try to get to girls because he lowkey gay and don't wanna be alone. In the end girls really don't wanna fuck with him because he has a chicken nugget
Home Girl #1: Did you hear kelly boyfriend was sucking dick
HomeGirl #2: Eww bish he acting like D'andre
by FuhhTheWorld July 07, 2015
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Most likely black. D'Andre will get on your nerves some times but you know deep down he's just messing around. D'Andre could either be a very close friend or not a friend at all. D'Andre is not smooth with the ladies.
D'Andre stop talking to that fine woman, she's mine
by doobadas October 22, 2020
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Has a big dick and can fuck anybody he wont can steal any girl fuck fuck jaiquez bitch good
Dandre is fine : jaiquez
by Ubi jdjdhdhdhd September 16, 2019
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