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The Maury - The act of 50+ men ejaculating into a container such as a bucket, to have a woman stir it using her hands and then precede to masturbate using said hand until conception is achieved. Ten months later all members of the activity are to appear on "The Maury Show" to figure out who is the dad (looser), and who has to pay child support. A.K.A. "Russian Roulette - Family version"
Jim got drunk last night and did The Maury with his sister, wish him luck.
by Dr.Frev October 18, 2010
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The act in which man ejaculates into his partner creating a creampie, his partner then pushes the creampie out roughly and yells out " YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!"
I have no plans to be your baby mama, so either you put on a condom or I will give you The Maury!

D'Andre busted in me last night, so you know I had to Maury that baby out of me real quick girl!
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by angelinhell13 August 23, 2017
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