Putting someone's Dick in between another person's Tits, also known as titty fucking.
Man, I want to put my D in the T.
by Sir Lionel Richie March 10, 2010
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To wish bad on someone, instead of saying "I hope he dies" you could say "I dutt on him" or, if you're doing it for shits and giggle, you could say "I dutt on anyone named Samantha."
We D U T T on anyone named Bartholomew.
by canigetauhhhhhhhhanimetiddie December 21, 2017
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It is what we do to Medium Waffle niggas in the war started by meme star @__extendo__
by JayGodly December 20, 2017
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Acronym for "Do Never Test". An assertion of superiority, power, or complete ownage. Usually used at the beginning or end of a sentence.
D/N/T the plucky little Canucks
by pozole October 6, 2004
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Used on video-chat sites such as stickam mean Dick for Tits. Used when a user would like to trade images of their dick with images of the recipient's breasts.
Nate: D 4 T?

Tori: Sure, let me make this room private

by MVSpartan February 19, 2008
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A fuckin gay program made by small ng who is older than lord Voldemort and broke his leg while chasing a bus
D&T is gay.
Watch Small Ng Fuck himself in D&T.
Small Ng drew a penis in D&T.
by Blaze-Bus September 3, 2019
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A purposeful mispelling/stylizing of a rather crude word
Texter #1: Hey bro slice! Ready 4 that test 2mRO?

Texter #2: Wait, therz a test!?

Texter #1: Uh ya!

Texter #2: d@mm!t... k thnx bro! g2g!
by MugShootr June 28, 2011
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