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Cyris is a person named closely to Chris, technically the "h" is just turned 180 degrees to form the "y".

He is a super hero, a man of such strength and determination, he will be admired by all, he is a miracle.

Knows to put a spell on people he meets so that they fall in love with his unique character and beautiful smile.

Typically has a good sense of style, a hard worker, imaginative and humorous. Incredible strength.
Someone just pulled a "Cyris" but not quite!

Ken, "you know Cyris "
Terri, "yeah I can't stop thinking about how awesome he is"

Ken, "he's a superhero , did you see what he did?"
Terri, "I know!"
by Belle8577 January 19, 2017
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Cyris is a white boy name and is a totally retarded when it comes down to doing something important like working out or going somewhere. Also cyris can be a fun and enjoyable person has a caring personality usually and can be very obessed with random things (ex. Sex, little children, rape and many random things)
Guy:hey cyris
Cyris: yeah
Guy: what is that screaming in your car coming from
Cyris: its nothing dont worry
by blazetheredfire December 05, 2016
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