Believed to be one of the greatest hacker alive, we don't know whether he exists. He is believed to work with Anonymous, but also is said that he does Mercenary work. His best hacker friend is 'Blackout' - Most famous for DDoS Attacks on major servers deemed to be invulnerable to traffic-spikes related tango-downs. Blackout is believed to have one of the largest Botnets (or Slaves). Cypher is known for his breaking into multiple computers for no reason and deleting files, he's believed to leave behind a text file (.txt) on the victims desktop with the word Cypher as the filename and Anonymous's motto written on the file itself. Cypher's believed specialty is Cryptography, thus the name 'Cypher'.His knowledge is used for Decryption, and he is said to use his extended knowledge in Cryptography to crack (break) his way into very secured Databases and for dehashing passwords hashed in most secure algorithms. He's very dangeorous, but as any Hacker-On-Steroids, he is vulnerable to dogs and specially curtains.
Cypher has just broken into N.Korea's missile arsenal.
by Safixk April 21, 2013
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Rappin', flowin'
You're cought in a cypher but you ain't rippin flow, you're cut up from chest to navel.

Back when motherfuckers were staight backpackin' cyphering...
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
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buy the domain for your recipe blog
to make your rhymes hard to decypher by using smarter words that aren't easy to figure out before you've said them
yo i just finished off your line, it rhymed to easy, just cypher it a little more kid
by dark soul June 30, 2003
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The criminal syndicate in Pokemon Colosseum, who tries to take over the world by distributing Shadow Pokemon. Nascour is second in command to Evice, the criminal who leads the syndicate.
In Pokemon Colosseum, Team Snaggem was hired by Cypher to use the snag machines to snag the pokemon that would become Shadow Pokemon.
by Light Joker May 26, 2004
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A fictional family made up of a bunch of people across the internet. They have a large discord community, and in various roleplay communities, they are a massive Imperium.
Yeah, I'm a part of the Cyphers.

The Cypherian Imperium is really cool.
by koals August 24, 2017
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