fucking bitch (in Russian, usually used while playing online games like Dota 2)
While playing Dota I did something Stupid using Zeus and my Russian team mate yelled at me "Cyka Blyat"!
by ProfessorLuthor January 28, 2016
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Cyka blyat (Cyrillic Сука бляать (suka blyat')) means "fucking bitch" in russian, however became a multitool insult by slavaboos
George: Cyka blyat!
Igor: Shut up, George. You don't even know what it means.
George: It's obviously "Fuck you"!
Igor: That would be "Idi nahui", debil
by bruh momentum number69420 July 04, 2019
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A word used in Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO. Means Bitch F*ck in Russian
by TheRealUltraJack299 May 03, 2021
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A term which (horrendously unfuckable virgins that play CS:GO all day and have no sign of a fucking life) believe originated from their instant pussy repelling video game, when in reality, the Russians have been saying it for longer than their great-great grandfathers have been playing with their micrococks.

Means : "Fucking Bitch" not "Whore Bitch"... Fucking virgins
"Cyka Blyet! I shook his hand and now there's cum on my fingers"
by The pissed off man August 25, 2021
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A mixture of the Russian phrases "Cyka Blyat" and "Idi Nahui" which any Russian will yell at you in any game for everything you do.
by THECYKA March 01, 2017
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