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One of the funniest, realest girls you will EVER meet. She DTF most of the time but getting in her is gonna take a little bit of time. She chill and tries everything at least once. She doesn't fuck with fake people and tries to keep her cool most of the time and if she like you or she think you're special, she gone let you know. #NOHOMO
Is that Cydne?
Yeah. I'm tryna fuck but she ain't lettin me yet.
by TylaThaCreata May 27, 2013
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a blonde hot bitch, loves to party and baby got back. Very athletic and loves to dance. She will never turn down VODKA. Always down to have a good time and very very flirty.
That chick cydne got crazy last night!
by HALLA2009 February 04, 2010
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