The act of being too cute to just be called cute.
Romeo is so cutsie!
by Catwoman16 August 3, 2013
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The action someone has taken when they cut in line.
"That dude totally did cutsies in front of that old lady when she wasn't looking."
by Wurd Politique March 9, 2010
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abreviation for cute-seee
by KuzuRyuSen October 19, 2007
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name given to a guy who is very flamboyant, has a cheeky smile and runs away wen u try to touch his bum
Omg Ronan ur sucha cutsie;)
by mokolatte December 14, 2009
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Cutsie is a word that is used to replace the word "ok". If someone is feeling unpleasant, whether it could be anxious, scared, confused, or insecure, instead of saying "You're gonna be fine", you would say, "You're cutsie." This has an alternative meaning when it comes to describing that someone is cutsie, which means they are pretty or attractive.
Person 1: "Oh shit, I forgot to do my homework."
Person2: "Girl you're cutsie don't even worry about it."

Person1: "Look over there, that guy looks kinda cutsie."
by asiandannydevito January 24, 2023
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