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A cutscene is a term used in pre-current-generation gaming to describe a pre-rendered movie within a video game.

Cutscenes are far less likely to be used on current-gen consoles as most systems use an NIS (a non-interactive sequence). An NIS differs from a cutscene in that it is rendered in real-time by the game engine.
Bob: "Man did you see that cutscene in Need For Speed Undercover where Chase Lane is bending down, over the table? Wow!"

Joe: "That ain't no cutscene!"
by Andy Fastow September 04, 2008
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A cut scene is a short cinematic clip in a video game to describe a circumstance the character is involved in, also used for entertainment purposes or no real purpose at all. Girls enjoy cut scenes because they are visually stimulating and help to explain the plot of the game. Guys usually prefer to skip cut scenes even though they can contain useful hints and tips towards completing levels and earning special achievements.
Most if not all video games have cut scenes.

"Don't skip the cut scene!"
"Why, I already know what I have to do..."
"But it's fun to watch!"

by azbound February 03, 2009
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used to give an alternate, not likely ending to a situation
yo man i just stole 5 grand from john...cut scene you're in a police station
by dats whats up December 17, 2008
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