When you end up losing all senses for a breaf moment,such as when you are in class and you suddenly lose all focus and everything goes blank but you continue to do what ever it was you were doing before you blanked out
Teach:hey tell the class what we just talked about
Me:sorry i blanked out
by Brandon_d777 March 1, 2016

A state of mind which one will hear and live a conversation but will not retain any information therefore leaving them in a state in which they are left drawing a blank.
Man 1: Dude, We gotta see that new movie, it looks sick
Man 2: Yeah man, fo' sho'
Man 1: Cool, so when we gonna go see it?
Man 2: See what now?
Man 1: Did you just Blank Out?
by Cory Lavery January 23, 2010
To, unexpectedly run out of weed and have to resort to asking anyone and everyone if they got any.
Hey man, I'm blanked out , please tell me you got some for me.

This may be last minute but I blanked out , you got any?
by de-crest February 7, 2018
When you really did something well or something was done well to you. Also if you did something really bad or something bad was done to you.
Blank the shit out of blank can be just about anything. When you saw "I ate the shit out of that sandwhich" "I saw the shit out of that movie" "She eye fucked the shit out of me" Millions of combinations. I started using this saying in 2002 and I'm not sure where it came from, but its wonderful.
by Vinny12 January 28, 2007
When one tries to be suave and quote a movie line, and then can not remember which movie the quote came from - and ends up looking like a dumb-ass.
Super hot chick you're trying to impress: "Ok, so see you later then"
You (fumbling for something cool to say): "Don't worry, We'll always have Paris"
Super Hot Chick: "Um, is that from a movie or something"
You: "I can't remember!"
Super Hot Chick: "You just had a Casa-Blank-Out, dumb ass!"
by chick wowchich wow April 1, 2017