Cut up is a term used used in the New Orleans and all over the south. It has multiple meanings as well.

When at a party friends can hype you by saying “cut up hoe” this is similar to saying fuck it up or get it friend!!

Cut up also is used to describe behavior. If you are being bad or mischievous your parent might ask you why your cutting up in school

In an argument it can be used as a way to describe emotions. If your about to get in a fight and you say that you “cut up” you are saying that your a crazy fighter or a good fighter.
Girl at a party-“Ooo my song is coming on I’m finna cut up!”

Mother to child-“When we walk in the store you bet not cut up or ima beat yo ass”

In an argument-“Keep talking to her like that and she gone cut up. You better leave her alone.”
by Maya Elise April 2, 2019
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Acting bad or distruptive
An action which may be described by doing something spectacular out of the ordinary.
These children better not cut up while we're in court today. It will be too embarrassing.

Used in Charleston South Carolina:
My homeboy was on the baskeball cut n' up he was hitting everything today and crossing people over.
Dude on the floor cut up during his favorite song. No one on the floor could take him.
by Hobbknocker June 3, 2014
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To get Lit and Stunt On Bitches PEERRIOODTTT !
My bestfriend was finna cut up on these hoes for her birthdayyy ! (I came across a shopping site called with hella cute shxt yall should check it out. )
by ShortyyLoWW June 2, 2019
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to fucken own a bitch with verbal disses to the point where they have no respect left
Tommy: yo nigga yo dicks so small you need some tweezers and macaroni to masturbate
Bystander: yo that nigga got cut up!
by dalax July 11, 2008
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To cut up is to swerve through lanes on the highway to be at an overall faster pace than the traffic.
I'm bouta go cutting up on I-495.
by team_no_macks June 30, 2022
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Cutting up is like acting up or acting a fool.
(Kids yelling and screaming while in church) Damn those kids are cutting up!
by Deni January 15, 2006
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pussy, to get cut up is to get pussy
Dude, you have got to get some cut up.
by David Tersch August 6, 2003
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