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Acting bad or distruptive
An action which may be described by doing something spectacular out of the ordinary.
These children better not cut up while we're in court today. It will be too embarrassing.

Used in Charleston South Carolina:
My homeboy was on the baskeball cut n' up he was hitting everything today and crossing people over.
Dude on the floor cut up during his favorite song. No one on the floor could take him.
by Hobbknocker June 03, 2014
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(slang in the east end of Pittsburgh)

verb. 1. to make fun of. 2. to joke around

noun. 1. someone who jokes a lot; a class clown

adj. describing actions that are 1. hilarious. 2. funny but inappropriate; ghetto
It was hilarious when he was cutting up in class.
by MSMinkus August 27, 2004
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Hamilton New Jersey's way of saying YOU are a Party Foul.
You are a cut-up for trashing the house and throwing up everywhere at your own party, dick.
by Crazycracka March 21, 2004
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Adj: muscular, ripped, buff to the point where you look completely chiseled.
Man, he cut up like somebody took a razor!
by The Singing Butler May 04, 2005
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to make fun of someone, or to show approval for something
A) We were cuttin' up on that retard at the party.
B) Did you go to that party last night, it was cut up.
by taylorgangordie August 19, 2010
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