Curtis a usually the most handsome black male you'll ever meet, a great best friend, athletic and smart. Although just his smile will melt your heart, get on his bad side and sgit will get real. People mistake this godly handsome being for a player, but beneath his A1 sexual activity he's just the shit.
Damn Hilary..i had me a curtis last night mmmh
by Jamminjammin November 03, 2015
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a charming young smart ang musical person.his crushes often like him
curtis is so hot
via giphy
by curtis badio April 15, 2018
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Verb. To pull a Curtis is to agree to do something then, when the actual time comes, to not turn up. Then, when questioned about not turning up, to give a terrible -- yet vaguely believable -- excuse as to why you could not.
Person 1: "Yeah, yeah, spanking on Thursday... Yeah, yeah I'll be there."

Person 2: "Dammit, he didn't turn up. He totally pulled a Curtis on us!"
by EonVankmer December 30, 2012
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"Curtis" - Part of Speech = verb, Other forms: Curtising, Curtised
Definition: To consider all possible outcomes of a particular situation or course of action to the point of excess; usually associated with those of the astrological sign, Libra; never in balance, but makes the individual an excellent Student Advisor
He's Curtising again!
by coolcashingc April 01, 2012
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A small minded person with many crushes and loves to be the centre of attention. He also loves gaming with friends. He thinks one day he’ll be famous globally.
Look it’s Curtis Over there.
by EGW09 March 02, 2020
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Curtis is the name of an absolute tool. No boy should ever look up to a man named Curtis. A man called Curtis is often smelly and lazy and therefore the word “Curtis” can be used as an insult. “Hey don’t be such a Curtis.”

Curtis’s tend to also be terrible at sports, especially football, they think they know what they’re talking about, when really it is a load of sh*t.
God that Curtis stinks
by Ironman94 October 01, 2020
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